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Agreements with 95 countries to manufacture corona tablets

Pfizer in the US says it will allow the ‘Covid 19’ tablet to be manufactured and sold in 95 developing countries, without any profit motive.

Pfizer has signed agreements with the United Nations’ Medicines Patent Company for the manufacture and sale of this pill. In the future, these pills will be developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies in developing countries.

This ‘Covid 19’ tablet from Pfizer is branded as ‘Paxlovid’. In the clinical trials completed so far, Paxlovid has been shown to be successful in curing Covid 19 infections.

According to Pfizer, patients with Covid 19 can use Paxlovid at home, according to medical advice. Pfizer says the drug also blocks the possibility of hospitalization.

As ‘Covid 19’ spread around the world, in a race to find a vaccine to stave off it, medical researchers sought to cure corona patients quickly and save them from death by providing them with drugs that have been developed, are being manufactured and are currently under research. In addition, the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies have begun to develop new drugs aimed at curing corona infections.

As a result, almost two years after the onset of the ‘Covid 19’ epidemic, a variety of drugs are now being developed for corona patients, according to foreign media reports. These include pills, capsules, inhalers, and nasal sprays.

These are made to be available at home on medical advice. However, these are still under research and have not been approved by the World Health Organization.

Pfizerov’s Paxlovid tablet is said to be similar to Molnupivir, an antiviral pill manufactured by the American pharmaceutical company Merck.

Although not approved by the World Health Organization or the US Food and Drug Administration, the British Drug Administration has recommended that Molnupivier be used for emergency use. In addition, several other countries are reportedly preparing to buy Molnupievir.

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