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A new drug against the Covid virus

According to foreign media reports, Pfizer is currently in the process of testing a drug against the Covid virus.

It further stated that clinical trials regarding the relevant drug are currently underway.

Pfizer, the US company that developed the world’s first anti-covagin vaccine in collaboration with Germany’s Biotech, says the drug has had positive results at the clinical level.

Named PF-07321332, the drug is considered an antiviral.

According to foreign media reports, the drug’s function is to destroy the enzyme used by the Covid virus to multiply in the human body.

At the clinical level, Pfizer announced that volunteers would be given pills twice a day for 5 or 10 days, and that they would be ready to test the condition 14 days later.

Meanwhile, a new study has revealed that Covid suppresses antibodies that are passed on to a baby through the breast milk of a healed mother until 10 months of age.

This was revealed in a recent study conducted by the United States on the breast milk of 75 mothers who were cured of Covid.

Clinical trials have also shown that these antibodies suppress the Covid virus.

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