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New Covid cultivar difficult to control by antibodies

The United States is focusing on a new type of Covid that is difficult to control with Covid antibodies.

The new variant, R Point One (R.1), was first identified in Japan.

The United States’ attention was drawn to the identification of 45 people infected with the same strain at a nursing home in the state of Kentucky.

Scientists point out that the new variety has developed significant mutations that extend beyond proliferation, multiplication, and immunization.

Due to this, the health sector has decided to pay more attention to the R Point One variant.

China, meanwhile, says the virus has been spreading in the United States since September 2019.

According to them, the discovery was made as a result of research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the United States, Spain, France, Italy and Brazil to trace the origin of the Covid epidemic.

The Covid virus has since spread to Wuhan, China.

The United States has reported more than 130,000 cases worldwide.

With 2,212 Covid-related deaths reported yesterday, the country’s Covid deaths are close to 700,000.

Globally, the number of Covid infections reported so far has exceeded 2.8 million, and the total number of Covid deaths worldwide is over 4.31 million.

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