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Apple warns that shock from bike engines can cause the iPhone camera to malfunction

Most of the current smartphone cameras have OIS or Optical Image Stabilization feature for image stabilization, which allows you to take blurry photos even when the phone is shaking.

However, the camera module incorporates moving components, or moving parts (often the lens), to create this system, which can be damaged in the event of prolonged shock.

Apple has announced that the OIS and Auto Focus systems in the iPhone are durable, but may be inactive in the event of prolonged direct exposure.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of reports on the Reddit website that the camera of the iPhone that was exposed to the shock was not working properly.

One user claimed that holding the iPhone in front of his bike and riding on the highway for 2-3 hours disrupted the camera’s autofocus system and OIS system. He further pointed out that the photos taken from the mobile phone after that were blurry

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