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Rotating database: Smart cricket ball to the world tomorrow

The smart cricket ball, which is mounted inside an electronic circuit and sensors that can instantly calculate the speed of the ball, the number of turns the ball spins as well as the power generated by the ball and the direction of rotation, arrives on the field tomorrow.

The new cricket ball is now being manufactured for the active Caribbean Premier League, and is being considered as a preliminary experiment by Kokabura, the company that made the smart ball.

The information obtained by the sensor in the electronic circuit installed in the ball can be monitored through a computer, smartphone or digital watch. This information can be easily obtained through ‘Bluetooth’ technology at a distance of about 150 meters. One of its strengths is its ability to retrieve all the data emitted by the ball in 5 seconds and move on to the next level.

While the ball may not be of much use to the general public, cricket analysts have the advantage of being able to get the ball out of the hands of the bowler and into a quick analysis of the batsman.

The energy expended when the ball is released by the bowler’s hand can also be observed and this data will also give a new dimension to the coaches.

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