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Information about one of the most powerful covid varieties in the world

South Africa’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases has confirmed that the most mutant Kovid strain has been identified.

The new variant, called Sea Point One Point Two, is reported to have spread to Europe and Asia.

The new Kovid species was first identified in May during the country’s third wave.

The National Institute for Infectious Diseases of South Africa points out that it is the most mutated Kovid cultivar ever.

It is found in several provinces, Europe and Asia, as well as seven countries in the Oceania region.

The new variety is thought to have originated from the Sea Point One Covid variety, which spread throughout the country during the first Covid wave.

Foreign reports said it was likely to become a species to be considered.

Meanwhile, covid infections in Australia have risen to record highs despite a debate in the country over whether to start living with the virus.

Today, 1,368 new infections have been identified in the country.

Of those, 1,218 were reported from the state of New South Wales, the country’s epidemic center.

With the four Kovid deaths reported today, the total death toll in the country has surpassed 1,000.

The lockdown in Victoria is set to end next Thursday, but authorities have taken steps to extend it.

Meanwhile, Israel announced yesterday (29) that all those who received both doses of the Faizer Kovid vaccine will be given a third dose.

Accordingly, it is available to all residents over 12 years of age and 5 months after receiving the second dose.

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