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Hiking Paradise – Alagalla Mountain Range – Kandy Sri Lanka

If you have ever been to Kandy on the Kandyan Railway, you will pass the Rambukkana Railway Station and you will see a beautiful mountain range on your left. This beautiful mountain that stands like a giant blocking the railway line is known as Alagalla mountain. Like the mountain of Alagalle that could not be eaten by ala, this mountain also caught the eye of the folk poet at that time.

The Iron Devil who went to Kandy at that time started from the foot of this Alagalla mountain and slowly crossed the mountain and reached Kadugannawa. Alagalla Kanda consists of two peaks, one of which is known today as Alagalla Sinha Gala Muduna and the other as Pooja Pooja.

Its highest peak is said to be 1140 meters above sea level.

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