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The corona can spread through the “stool”

Research has shown that the new corona virus stays in the body of patients with severe illness for up to three weeks.

A team of medical researchers at a state hospital in Zhejiang, China, has discovered that the corona virus can be found deep in the lungs as well as in the stool of such patients.
The researchers said that the virus was rarely found in the blood of patients with such severe symptoms, and that urine samples showed that they had the virus in about half of the cases.

The researchers said that their research was performed experimentally with infected cats and that those experiments did not show a mutation in the virus but did say that "such mutations cannot be ruled out."

The researchers tested 96 patients between January and March.

Samples of the throat, nose, respiratory system, stool and urine of the patients were examined.

It studies how long the corona virus can stay in the human body and how it spreads.

Another powerful finding of this study is that it can be spread from one healthy person to another.

Researchers also found that the corona virus was more prevalent in men than in women.

It has been found that the virus stays in the body of men for a long time, causing them to develop a serious condition.

Researchers also found that changes in the immune system and hormone levels in women and men may also play a role.

Coronavirus, in particular, is found in the deepest part of the respiratory system in people with severe illness.

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