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Let’s learn about cookies simply

When you go to a web site, you will sometimes see a message or a popup asking you to allow cookies or that web site will buy cookies.

Although it’s extremely common for anyone using the Internet, do you know exactly what these cookies are? I am writing this because of a meme I saw. That’s it down there. The purpose of this article is to make it easier for anyone to understand. Therefore, I will not include too many technical details and lengthy explanations in this.

What are these cookies?
Simply put, cookies are small data files that a website stores on our computer. This contains the Preferences, Choices, Activities of the person using the computer within the relevant website.

These cookies are commonly known by different names, such as browser cookies, HTTP cookies, web cookies, computer cookies, etc. Can be seen.

How does this work?
When you accept the accept cookies tab that appears when you log in to a web site for the first time, the cookies on the web site begin to be stored in the cookies store inside our browser memory.

It would not make a big difference if Disagree was given. It is because of the General Data Protection Regulation law in Europe that at least such a notice is issued.‍

There are a lot of things you can do with these cookies. These track the activities, search and browsing history of your website.

What is the use?
These can be a great help in displaying the ads on the websites according to the users’ preferences or our preference. As a simple example, you can say that it is because of these cookies that the ad on Facebook will show up after you do a search on Aliexpress.

This is just one way of tracking you, as well as login to websites and depositing in these cookies. These cookies allow you to log in to a web site you once logged in without having to type in login credentials.

These cookies also help website owners to get a good Accurate count on things like Unique Visitors coming to their website. (Because of the ID in the cookies)

The cookies that are saved on your computer, depending on how they are used by each website, will not harm your privacy.

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