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The first batch of the Solar Powered Electric car, which never needs to be plug-in-charged, goes on sale in 24 hours.

American company Aptera has announced plans to launch a fully solar-powered three-wheeler, the first batch of which is expected to go on sale within a day.

Priced at approximately $ 26,000, the three-wheeler’s flagship model is capable of traveling 1,600km on a single charge.

This flagship model is equipped with a 100kWh battery, while the other models use 25kwh and 65kwh batteries.

As mentioned earlier, this car can be plug-in charging, but the solar technology used in this car is able to get the power needed to drive a distance of about 40 miles per day.

A survey has revealed that the average American person travels about 46 kilometers a day using a car, so the company points out that most consumers who buy this will never need to charge a plug-in.

The two-wheeler is designed to be as attractive as possible, with the technology and raw materials used to maximize driving range.

It is powered by a pair of liquid-cooled electric motors that accelerate the flagship to 60mph in 3.5 seconds and other models in 5.5 seconds.

It also has a 15-inch widescreen display that gives drivers the settings they need to make any changes to the vehicle, as well as data on the vehicle’s performance and driving range.

This is the only car that can cover a great distance of about 1,600km on a single charge and no other electric car on the market today has come close to that range.

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