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Realme is launching the world’s first Magnetic Charging Solution for Android called Realme MagDart

Last year, Apple introduced magnetic charging technology called “MagSafe”, an innovative technology that goes beyond traditional cable and wireless charging systems.

However, this technology, which until now was limited to Apple devices, has not been seen in any of the recently released flagship Android phones.

However, Realme has made up for the lack of a magnetic charging system for Android, and has launched a technology similar to Apple’s “Magsafe” called “Magdart”.

The NDTV website also points out that the new Magdart technology is faster than the Apple MagSafe.

Introduced by Realme, the Magdart charging system comes with another accessories bundle, two 50W and 15W Magdart devices, a 2-in-1 MagDart Power Bank, a Realme MagDart Beauty Light, a Realme MagDart wallet and a Realme GT MagDart. It has a charging case included.

This 50W magdart device is quite thick, with a USB Type C port on the side and vents on the bottom and sides for ventilation.

This Vents or Window Device is important for controlling overheating, and also features a Cooling fan and a 1.5mm thick magnet.

Also, the 15w Magdart device that comes with a non-removable cable is only 3.9mm thick and does not use any cooling technology.

Also, many websites have reported that the mobile phone included in the photos released by Realme to showcase this Magdart technology will be the first phone to be released with this technology.

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