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Signs of getting ready to launch a new cheaper premium tier from potify

If you’re a regular listener, you may already be using a Spotify premium subscription.

Spotify is currently testing a new plan called Spotify Plus, which is slightly different from the other premium tires that Spotify currently has.

The new plan is already open for A / B testing, so some Spotify users will be able to try it out and get a Spotify Plus monthly subscription for $ 0.99.

However, the Spotify Plus subscription appears to be a combination of the Spotify free and premium subscriptions, thereby removing some of the limitations of the Spotify free tier.

Spotify free tier allows you to listen to any album you want, but it only supports shuffle play. Also, there you get a limited number of skips. But after getting this Spotify Plus plan the ads will play, but it will allow you to listen to any song you like and skip songs as many times as you like.

This Spotify plus plan, which is currently being tested, is still available to a limited number of users.

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