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Sigiriya in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya means Lion Rock. The original entrance to the rock fort was built in the shape of a lion. The ruins of that image can still be seen from the giant lion’s feet on either side of the steps leading up to the palace. It was truly a palace because Sigiriya was used as the political center of Sri Lanka for about a decade and a half. Sigiriya is perhaps the most well-preserved of the first millennium planned cities in South and Southeast Asia. Sigiriya occupies a special place in Asian urban planning for a number of reasons, including its impressive surroundings, creative design, and conservation status. The urban form of Sigiriya is made up of a number of central environs and was designed as a large rectangle surrounded by an overall moat (this has not yet been fully revealed). The landscape was designed in the middle of the towering Sigiriya rock. The geometrically rectangular city plan stretches for miles from east to west. About 3 km wide from north to south. Is also about 1.

Many visitors to Sigiriya believe that there are only structures belonging to the Kashyapa period (i.e. 5th century AD). But archeological evidence proves that Sigiriya had several epochs before and after the Kashyapa period.

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