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Rani Rampal conquers her dream of overcoming poverty

The Indian women’s hockey team has renewed its Olympic history and qualified for the semi-finals. That was followed by a 1-0 win over Australia.

The Indian team will be captained by Rani Rampal. She lived a life of misery as a child and had a valuable Instagram post about her background.

This sends an important message to many who are worried about life.

That is, we can all achieve our dreams through perseverance and dedication.

“The number of times I thought of running away from my life was endless. Our house was constantly without electricity, the noise made by two mosquitoes … only two meals a day … and our house was constantly flooded. … Dad pushed carts..Mum worked at home.

There was a hockey training academy near my house. I sometimes stare at athletes for hours. I really wanted to play too. Dad’s daily income is 80 rupees. He had no assets to buy a hockey stick. Every day I asked the coach if I could teach too. But he denied it. He said I was not strong enough to attend a training session … but I practiced with a broken hockey stick … I also wore a salwar kameez and always ran. I did not give up trying … finally the coach agreed.

But my family members said, “That’s not going to work.” I begged them. “If I fail, do what you like. Then they like me playing hockey.”

Training started in the morning. We did not have a clock in our house. Mom gets up from time to time and looks up at the sky to see if it’s time for me to wake up …

Everyone who came to the academy was required to bring 500ml of milk. But my father could only give me 200ml. So I drank the rest of the water.

My coach helped me. I was given not only sports equipment but also nutrition … I never missed a single day of training.

I remember one day I won a tournament and got 500 rupees. I gave it to Dad. Until then he had not caught such a sum. I promised my family, “Someday we will own a house of our own. I will do my best to do that …”

The authorities recognized my potential and included me in the county team. In 2010 I was 15 years old. One day I was called to the national team when I was having a lot of fun..but my relatives told me to get married and live life. But my father said, “Daughter, play until you have the will of your heart.”

With the help of my family, I eventually became the captain of the Indian women’s hockey team.

In 2017, I was able to fulfill my promise to my family … “I bought a house for ourselves.”

At that moment we all hugged and cried … they were part of my dream.

My journey is not over yet. I hope to thank my coach and everyone. By winning the gold medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics …

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