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Delta goes to China too

China’s state media reports that a group of cowboys identified in Nanjing, China, have now spread to five other provinces and the city of Beijing.

Chinese authorities say this is the first time since the spread of the virus in the Wuhan area since December 2019 that corona virus infections have been reported.

An infected man was found on July 20 at a busy airport in Nanjing.

Operations at Nanjing Airport have been suspended until August 11 due to the presence of infected people.

Health officials in the city have been accused by various quarters. It is also reported that it has been instructed to increase inspections in the area.

Health officials are examining the city’s 9.3 million population and outsiders for testing.

Authorities say the rapidly spreading Delta variety has led to the growth of new clusters, and people have been advised to wear masks and other hygiene practices.

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